About us

Who we are and what we are doing.

Our Objectives

The Council for Heart Health (CfHH) is an inclusive, cross-sectoral group of cardiovascular health experts, comprising clinical, academic and policy thought leaders as well as patient advocates, with a mission to raise awareness around the emerging challenges of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD).

The CfHH is aiming to bring public and private sectors together, making it uniquely placed to connect high-level political leaders with policy and technical experts.

The CfHH aims to bridge the gap between clinicians, civil society, policy-makers and patients to develop evidence-based recommendations and drive forward improvements in ASCVD management.

  • Transform how determinants of cardiovascular health are detected

    Create a multi-disciplinary movement that reimagines how ASCVD is detected around the world.

  • Make it easier for patients and policy-makers to understand ASCVD

    De-mystify ASCVD so that policymakers and patients better understand the determinants of cardiovascular health.

  • Improve how ASCVD is managed and prevented

    Improve the impact of timely diagnostics, early treatments, prevention measures and the health outcomes from disease management interventions.

  • Strengthen partnerships and health systems to meet UN SDGs.

    Strengthen partnerships and health systems to more effectively address CVD and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal of leaving no one behind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for a concerted effort from the international health policy community to reverse the trajectory of ASCVD. We believe that governments and health agencies should elevate ASCVD on their policy agenda and accelerate effective policy responses. The Council is actively seeking political leadership, public policy commitments and investment to combat the world’s No.1 cause of death.

Our Story

The Council for Heart Health was established by the Berlin Declaration in 2021 which resulted from the G20 Health Ministers Declaration in September 2021. G20 Health Ministers called for the strengthening of partnerships and health systems to more effectively address cardiovascular disease (CVD) and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal promise of leaving no one behind.
The UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.4 has a target of reducing premature mortality from non-communicable diseases by one-third by 2030.

The Council for Heart Health is an inclusive initiative and for the purpose of achieving its objectives it accommodates Core Members, Associated Members, and Organizational Members.

Core members of the initiative

  • Kosh Ray
    Kosh Ray
  • Rifat Atun
    Rifat Atun
  • Karen Sliwa
    Karen Sliwa
  • Steve Nicholls
    Steve Nicholls
  • Neil Johnson
    Neil Johnson
  • Richard Nethononda
    Richard Nethononda

Please find the current Associated and Organizational members here:

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What about you?

If you are an expert, policy-maker or organisation committed to ASCVD prevention and care and would like to take part, please get in touch